Announcing Asylo

An open and flexible framework for enclave applications

The Asylo Team is excited to announce the inaugural release of the Asylo framework. Asylo makes it easy to build enclave applications targeting a variety of emerging trusted execution environments from existing code. Asylo applications can be ported between enclave technologies without source-code changes.

The ability to write trustworthy, portable applications that can execute securely in a variety of environments is important to the integrity and mobility of sensitive applications. The open source Asylo framework can significantly advance the state-of-the-art in application security through the transparency, scrutiny, and collaboration afforded by open development. We are looking forward to embarking on this fascinating journey with you!

Read more on the Google Cloud Platform Blog, check out the source on GitHub, and join the community on the Asylo user discussion forum. You can get started with our quickstart guide and dive into the documentation. Be sure to check our website at for regular updates.