What is Asylo?

Asylo is an open framework for developing enclave applications. Asylo lets you take advantage of a range of emerging trusted execution environments, including both software and hardware isolation technologies.

Asylo provides:

  • The ability to execute trusted workloads in an untrusted environment, inheriting the confidentiality and integrity guarantees from the security backend, i.e., the underlying enclave technology.
  • Ready-to-use containers, an open source API, libraries, and tools so you can develop and run applications that use one or more enclaves.
  • A choice of security backends.
  • Portability of your application’s source code across security backends.

Asylo is under active development. We want to expand Asylo’s capabilities to meet more developers’ needs. To do this, we plan to add support for more backends, libraries, and languages.