An open and flexible framework for enclave applications

Portable enclave diagram A single inner ochre cube at top center, and a translucent red, green, and blue cube distributed below. Each of the lower translucent cubes contains an ochre cube, and arrows suggest motion from the top center to the center of each of the cubes below. This diagram represents running the same enclave application in various backends.

Build portable enclave applications

The Asylo framework hides the complexity of the underlying technology with an enclave backend abstraction layer.

Folding Cube On the left, an ochre cube has been split along the its edges and unfolded flat on a plane. The unfolded cube is like a cardboard box cut along the seams and left flat on the floor. Dotted lines suggest folding instructions where the pieces could be refolded. Nested inside the outline is a solid ochre cube. There is an arrow from the unfolded cube suggesting motion to the right the shows the Asylo logo, which is a translucent outer ochre cube enclosing a solid ochre inner cube.

Port your existing applications

Asylo provides a familiar POSIX model of application development without sacrificing security or bloating your trusted computing base.

Enclave-protected gRPC service diagram A visualization of two enclaves communicating over an encrypted channel. Two computer monitors with Asylo logo overlays have a padlocked "A" between them, as homage to the similar graphic from's front page that represents simple service definition.

Write enclave-protected gRPC services

Asylo integrates with gRPC for easy and secure inter-enclave and external communication.

Attestation and sealing diagram A visualization of a padlocked datastore with a connection to an attestable enclave that has the unlock capability. The enclave is represented with the Asylo logo with an unlocked padlock overlayed. The enclave's attestability is represented with a magnifying glass hovering over the enclave visualization.

Protect your data and code in use and at rest

Use attestation to verify your enclave's integrity, and cryptographically bind your secrets to identity ACLs for safe storage.

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