Deprecated List
Class asylo::AesGcmSivCryptor
Do not use. This class will be removed in a future release.
Member asylo::CleansingString
Use CleansingVector instead.
Member asylo::CreateDefaultEnclaveConfig (const HostConfig &host_config)
Returns an EnclaveConfig proto with critical fields initialized to default values.
Class asylo::EnclaveManager
Users of this class first supply a configuration using the static Configure() method, and then get a pointer to the singleton instance as specified by this configuration by calling the static Instance() method.
Member asylo::EnclaveManager::Configure (const EnclaveManagerOptions &options)
Configures the enclave manager.
Class asylo::EnclaveManagerOptions
Enclave Manager configuration.
Member asylo::experimental::AeadCryptor
AeadCryptor has been moved to the asylo top-level namespace.
Member asylo::experimental::ExecTester::BuildSiblingPath (const std::string &path, const std::string &file_name)
Use Bazel's runfiles library for file paths.
Member asylo::SetEnclaveConfigDefaults (const HostConfig &host_config, EnclaveConfig *config)
Sets critical uninitialized fields in config to default values.