asylo::StatusOr< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for asylo::StatusOr< T >, including all inherited members.

ok() constasylo::StatusOr< T >inline
operator=(const StatusOr &other)asylo::StatusOr< T >inline
operator=(StatusOr &&other)asylo::StatusOr< T >inline
status() constasylo::StatusOr< T >inline
StatusOr classasylo::StatusOr< T >friend
StatusOr()asylo::StatusOr< T >inlineexplicit
StatusOr(const Status &status)asylo::StatusOr< T >inline
StatusOr(U &&value)asylo::StatusOr< T >inline
StatusOr(const StatusOr &other)asylo::StatusOr< T >inline
StatusOr(const StatusOr< U > &other)asylo::StatusOr< T >inline
StatusOr(StatusOr< U > &&other)asylo::StatusOr< T >inline
ValueOrDie() const &asylo::StatusOr< T >inline
ValueOrDie() &asylo::StatusOr< T >inline
ValueOrDie() &&asylo::StatusOr< T >inline
~StatusOr()asylo::StatusOr< T >inline