Asylo's SGX backend tools

The file sgx_sdk.bzl defines the Bazel repository rules needed to build tools for supporting SGX SDK in your WORKSPACE file. You may include its macros (e.g., sgx_enclave_configuration) with the following line in your WORKSPACE file:

load("@linux_sgx//:sgx_sdk.bzl", "sgx_enclave_configuration")


The rule used to generate sgx enclave signing configuration.

Argument Type Description
name string

The name of the configuration.

prodid string

Product ID assigned by the enclave signer to this enclave.

isvsvn string

Security Version Number (SVN) assigned by the enclave signer to this enclave.

stack_max_size string

Maximum stack size for this enclave.

heap_max_size string

Maximum heap size for this enclave.

tcs_num string

Number of TCS (Thread Control Structure).

tcs_policy string

The TCS policy. If it's set to TCS_POLICY_BIND, the TCS is bound to the application thread.

disable_debug string

Disables debug mode if set.

misc_select string

The misc select of this enclave.

misc_mask string

The mask of misc select to enforce.