Asylo's SGX SDK backend dependencies

The file sgx_deps.bzl defines the Bazel repository rules needed to declare a dependency on the SGX backend in your WORKSPACE file. You may include its macros (e.g., sgx_deps) with the following line in your WORKSPACE file:

load("@com_google_asylo//asylo/bazel:sgx_deps.bzl", "sgx_deps")


The rule used to depend on the Asylo SGX backend toolchain and supporting libraries.

Argument Type Description
installation_path string

[optional] The absolute path to the installed Asylo toolchain for building SGX targets. The default value for this path comes either from the user installation path in $HOME/.asylo/sgx_toolchain_location, /usr/local/share/asylo/sgx_toolchain_location, or the default path /opt/asylo/toolchains/sgx_x86_64 (see the installation script for details asylo/distrib/sgx_x86_64/install-toolchain).